Prime Super has developed an Employer Guide which summarises all the important information to make employers’ management of their employees superannuation as smooth as possible. The guide covers key areas including:

  • About Prime Super
  • Prime Super’s straightforward approach to super
  • Benefits of partnering with Prime Super
  • How to join
  • Cooling-off period
  • Support by local Relationship Managers
  • Key requirements of superannuation employers need to know including the amount of super required and when the contributions need to be paid by
  • Importance of data accuracy eg ensure member email address and mobile phone number are used
  • Types of contributions that Prime Super can accept
  • What Choice of Fund means

Prime Super also produces facts sheets to assist employers with their superannuation responsibilities. Areas covered include:

  • Super payment clearing house – click here to find out how to pay all your employees’ superannuation in one transaction
  • The government now requires that all superannuation payments must be made electronically and Prime Super has developed a fact sheet to assist employers. It can be found here.