Prime Super members win over all timeframes

Published on 10/08/2018

MySuper investment option delivers member balance growth

Prime Super had another year of strong returns over the short and long term, with its My Super option delivering 9.41% over one year and being rated in the top quartile of all funds assessed over 3, 5 and 7 years. More than 90% of members are invested in the MySuper Option and research shows that if a member started with $35,000 seven years ago, their balance would have grown by more than 1.8 times.

Growth graph at 30 june 2020

 (The graph above shows the growth of an initial investment of $35,000 over a period of seven years invested in Prime Super’s MySuper option.  The crediting rates applied are net of any applicable fees and taxation.  The balance shown is in today’s dollars and is for illustrative purposes only.  It assumes that the balance remained consistent over the period and that there were no deposits or withdrawals made during the period.  Insurance premiums or administration fees and other costs have not been applied in this calculation.  Please note - Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.)

Other investment options

In addition to MySuper, Prime Super offers a number of investment options for members. These options provide a range of investment options for member needs through their working life; and then into their retirement phase.  Detailed below are the returns for all options which can be found at

In a stand-out result, our Managed Growth, Conservative and Property options delivered top quartile performance over one, three, five and seven years.*

 30 June 2018 returns2

*SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey to 30 June 2018 dated 18 July 2018
** Income Focused option offered since 1 July 2017 

This document contains general information only and does not take account of your personal circumstances. You should obtain personal advice where appropriate. This document is current as at the date of publication and subject to change. Prime Super (ABN 60 562 335 823; RN1000276) is issued by Prime Super Pty Ltd (ABN 81 067 241 016, AFSL 219723; RSE L0000277). A Product Disclosure Statement is available from the issuer by calling 1800 675 839. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.