Find and Consolidate

We can search for any extra accounts you may have and help you transfer them into your Prime Super account, saving you time, fees and paperwork.

Multiple super funds can cost you in retirement*

Most Australian workers have more than one super account – many have upwards of 5 super accounts. That’s 5 sets of fees, 5 sets of insurance premiums and 5 sets of statements in the mail to check each year.

And even if you were happy to invest the time to manage 5 accounts, the money you pay in fees and insurance premiums across your multiple accounts is money that is eating into your final retirement balance. And the amount is significant - according to the government, having 5 super accounts instead of 1 could cost you up to $349,000 when you retire.*

Get started now

There are a few ways we can help you find and consolidate your super – the choice is yours! You will need your TFN to search for your super. If you've already provided it to us, great. If not, you'll need to have it handy when you login or call us.

1. MemberOnline

Login to your MemberOnline account to search and consolidate your super in real time!

Once you’ve logged in, click on Consolidate Super and then the Supermatch2 – Search for your Super Funds! button.

This will search in real time and show you a list of all super accounts that the ATO has recorded in your name. Simply select the accounts you want to consolidate into your Prime Super account and that’s it. In around 5 days, your multiple accounts will be transferred into your Prime Super account!^

Don’t have a MemberOnline account? No worries – registering for an account is super fast and easy!

2. Call us on 1800 675 839 and we’ll find and consolidate your super over the phone!

If you can’t remember your MemberOnline details or aren’t registered for an account we’ve got you covered. It takes less than five minutes to start the process. 

Important information

Before you consolidate, it’s important that you understand the following:

Insurance benefits – Before you consolidate, you should review your insurance arrangements. Most people generally have some form of default insurance cover with their super. When you consolidate your super, your will lose your insurance cover from the funds you have consolidated. It is important that you review your level of insurance and ensure that it provides you with adequate cover for your needs.

Exit Fees – Some funds charge exit or withdrawal fees if you move your money into another fund.


*Address to the Financial Services Council Life Insurance Conference, Sydney (Hon. Kelly O’Dwyer MP- Minister for Revenue and Financial Services).

^Three-day payment standard applies to MySuper products only. Other products may have longer timeframe to rollover funds.

How far will your super go?

Will you have enough super to last you? Use the super calculator as a guide to see how making extra contributions along the way can make a difference.

Access the super calculator